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MW Machinery Adds New Briquetting Presses To Product Range

MW Machinery is adding a new line of briquetting presses to its product line, manufactured by German company, Compacto.

The new Fox Briquetting presses are used to reduce woodworking waste by turning materials such as wood shavings, sawdust, wood chips, dust and other residual materials into briquettes.

By using briquette presses, businesses working with wood could reduce their waste production by up to 90%. Once the residual materials have be made into briquettes, they can then be sold on, creating additional revenue for the company in question.

Additionally, briquettes also save on space taken up by waste materials, giving your business more room and creating neater, safer workshops for clients and staff. A number of companies who use the machines have also saved money by utilising the briquettes produced to heat their own workshops and factories.

The briquette presses can also be adapted for specific customer requirements. You can choose from various cylinder sizes, silo shapes and drive engine variants, depending on your individual conditions.

The presses work by having the residual materials fed into the hopper, where it moved by an integrated agitator into a pre-compression unit. Here it a hydraulic piston which pre-compresses the material into the main cylinder. The hydraulic piston presses the material into the closed sleeve until the adjusted pressure is reached (which is usually set up to 80 bars). Once complete, the sleeve released a formed briquette.

There is also an option to have your press filled manually or automatically. For those who require automation, material flow can be directed via a screw, a belt conveyor or a suction unit. The press can recognise the fill level of the silo and is able to start and stop as required.

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