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Belgium Bling from Brugge

Robland have been making good quality good value panel saws for over 30 years now so they really do know what they are doing.

The Robland PS3200 is the latest saw to be produced from their state of the art Bruges Factory.
All the Credit is due to the hard work of the guys from Robland who have put allot time and effort into the research and development of this new 3 axis panel saw.

This new machine has also been possible with a little help from the companies heritage, experience counts for a great deal in all industries.

As you would expect from Robland this machine is true to its roots, simple, strong and reliable.

Not only have Robland introduced a 3 axis blade control they have redesigned the cross cut fence which is now one of the heaviest you will find in the market place.

There have also been improvements to the cross cut carriage which enable the operator to easily adjust the angle of the cross cut fence.

With the comfort pack this enables the operator to handle large sheets with ease.

A saw capacity of 450mm meaning a saw blade projection of 150mm

And to top it all off the new Robland Silverline range now come with a metallic paint finish.

Welcome to the new world of......”Belgium Bling from Brugge".......