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Robland SD510 Planer Thicknesser


The Robland SD510 Planer Thicknesser is a strong, well-built machine with a 2250mm planer table length, 100mm spindle diameter, electrical rise and fall of table, and digital read out.

Make Robland
Model SD-510
Motor power 5.5 kW
Thickness width 510
Thickness height 250mm
Length and width of thickness table 2250 mm
Cutter block / diameter 100mm
Number of knives 4
Overall dimensions (mm) 2300 x 1500 x 980 mm
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£6,900 (ex VAT)

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Robland SD-510 Planer Thicknesser

A strong sense of craftsmanship

Both professional and industrial woodworkers require a strong, well-build precision machine, simple and easy to use that will give good reliable service for many years to come. On the following pages we would like to present you such a machine: the SD-B-510 Planer- Thicknesser- Mortiser.

- Strong cast iron deeply-ribbed for stability, the precision planed tables open together on powerfull springs and are held open by a safety catch to prevent accidental closure.

- Edging operation is facilitated by 1500 mm long x 200 mm high anodized fence.

- Mounted on paralellogram type precision slides, both tables are fully adjustable up and down.

- For wet or damp timber adjustable rollers can be provided, mounted in and easily removable from the thicknesser table. This option must be ordered with the initial order for the machine.

- Standard equipment on the machine: 4 speeds controlled by a selector switch controlling both infeed and outfeed rollers.

- 4 columns anchored thicknesser table.

- C.E. bridge guard with quick positioning mechanism is added for protection while surfacing.

- Machine standard equipped with magnetic knife setter for its 4 knife cutter-block.

Standard equipment on the thicknesser: digital read-out with precision 0,1mm The rise and fall of the thicknesser table, driven by an easy-to-use electric motor is standard on all machines.

The heavy duty mortiser is equipped with steel guide axes and runs on 6 linear ball bearings, guaranteed for smooth and easy operation under the most heaviest loads, and is absolutely maintenance free!

The chuck runs at 3000 R.P.M. and the in-and out stroke lever of the table can be put at the low position for the machining of large workpieces, e.g.doors.

The thicknessing table, is mounted on four columns to give stability. For wet or damp timber adjustable rollers can be provided, mounted in and easily removable from the thicknesser table. Please note that this option must be ordered with the initial order of the machine.

Standard on all machines: heavy pushers on both in-and outfeed side and a 4 knife cutter-block. Optional “Wigo” cutter-block with 4 turnblades provides quick precision settings of knives. This option must be ordered with the initial order of the machine.

Thickness capacity

Robland SD-510 Planer Thicknesser

It is possible to work pieces of wood with a thickness up to 250 mm.

Electrical adjustment

Robland SD-510 Planer Thicknesser

Electrical vertical adjustment of the thicknesser and digital read out of the workpiece height. Press the button continuously, if a fast movement is wished. During micro-adjustment, touch the button briefly. Accuracy up to 1/10mm.

4 sturdy columns

Robland SD-510 Planer Thicknesser - 4 sturdy columns

The thicknesser is based on to 4 sturdy columns.

Spiral infeed rollers

Robland SD-510 Planer Thicknesser - spiral infeed rollers

Spiral infeed rollers guarantee an efficient through-feed of the wood and so a good surface.

2 Friction reduction rolls

Robland SD-510 Planer Thicknesser - 2 friction reduction rolls

2 friction reduction rolls: easier sliding of wet wood.


Robland SD-510 Planer Thicknesser - Tersa

This machine can be equipped also with the Tersa system, to achieve a fast exchange and perfect adjustment of the knives.

Heavy hinges

Robland SD-510 Planer Thicknesser - heavy hinges

Heavy hinges and strong springs for smooth and easy opening of the table.


Robland SD-510 Planer Thicknesser - morticer

The morticer is equipped with steel guidance and 6 linear ball bearings, warranty for an easy operation of the machine (and maintenance-free!). The drilling head rotates with 3000 r/min. For working with the larger surfaces, e.g. with doors, the control lever can be put into the lower position.

Planer fence

Robland SD-510 Planer Thicknesser - planer fence

Adjustable planer fence: tilt between 45° and 90°.

Suva matic

Robland SD-510 Planer Thicknesser - suva matic

Suva matic planer protection

Comfort pack

Robland SD-510 Planer Thicknesser - comfort pack

The comfort pack on the SD 510 consists out of 4 feeding speeds, digital read out of the height and an automatic star delta switch.

Delivery and installation is available on all of our machines.

Please contact the showroom to discuss the best option for you, or submit us an enquiry using the form on this page

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