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Robland NX310 Pro Combination Machine

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£5,400.00 (ex VAT) £6,480.00 (inc VAT)
Make Robland
Model NX310 Pro
Voltage 240v
Saw blade diameter (mm) 250-300mm
Scoring saw blade diameter (mm) 100mm
Table dimensions (mm) 1080 x 410 mm in Cast Iron
Sliding table width 320mm
Saw blade diameter with scoring saw (mm) 250 (option)
Saw blade diameter without scoring saw (mm) 300mm (option)
Motor power 3hp 1 phase 5hp 3 phase
Sliding table length 1450
Cutting depth at 45° 55 mm
Cutting depth at 90° 85 mm (250 mm) / 107 mm (315)
Rip fence capacity (mm) 800mm
Cutting capacity of sliding table (mm) 1650mm
Planer block diameter 70mm
Thickness capacity 230mm
Feed speed 6 m/min
Number of knives 3
Overall Length of surface tables 1400 mm
Spindle diameter (mm/inch) 30mm
Max diameter above table 180mm
Useable length of spindle (mm) 140mm
Spindle speed (rpm) 2900 / 4000 / 6000 / 7500
Mortise chuck capacity 0 - 16 mm
Stroke 165 x 140 x 85 mm

Robland NX310 PRO combination machine

Inward folding planer beds

Telescopic arm

Scribe blade option

Multi speeds for spindle

Availability: In stock

£5,400.00 (ex VAT) £6,480.00 (inc VAT)