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Rebating, chamfering and profiling plastics: MARTIN spindle moulders

Installing and configuring a tilting arbor spindle moulder with repeatable precision can be a large task. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to the MARTIN spindle moulder with its cutting-edge intuitive touchscreen controller.

The list of tasks which may be performed on a MARTIN spindle moulder both accurately and cost effectively is endless. Due to the controller's integrated tool conversion, the machine operator can make full use of the wide tilting range (2 x 46°), which enables them to set up the most complicated moulding patterns with a tilted spindle in the blink of an eye.


Whether you prefer to have the spindle tilted to the front or to the back, the controller prompts you in configuring the moulding process. Cutting height, cutting angle – every aspect is structured to be seen an understood easily by the operator. After activating the tool, the high-tech controller will display the location to reference the tool in relation to the table and fence jaws. By doing it in this fashion, configuration which at one point used to be very time-consuming can be done quickly - a large jump towards greater flexibility and effective operation for the operator.

You can work with up to seven motorized and controlled axes according to the exact machine model and type. In addition to the cutting height and cutting angle, the cutting depth and the infeed jaw of the fence, the table opening and the height setting of the feed support can also be adjusted by the control unit. Up to 1000 tools and 1000 programs can be programmed into the controller. A powerful search function as well as "group" and "favourite" functions help the operator select the required profiles.

The proven MARTIN DornFix quickchange system allows you to change the arbor within minutes and with minimal effort, also enabling you to swap these for varying arbor diameters. If you need to change tools and/or arbors on a regular basis, you may choose to go for the HSK system where tools and arbors are pneumatically clamped down. This system is perfectly suitable for people who wish to use their spindle moulder as an effective part of a CNC processing centre.


Depending on the specific type of machine, the rotational speed (5 or 6 speeds) of each tool can be adjusted with the change of a belt. The optional variable rotational speed inverter of the tools enables you to adjust the cutting speed to the type of material you wish to machine. The rotational speeds range from 1000 to 12000 rpm, and motor powers of up to 11 kW are on offer.

If the machined surface quality is of concern, the ideal cutting speed and the safe and accurate location of the workpiece should be taken into consideration. The patented electrically-adjustable eccentric table rings can be adapted at any time to the diameter of the tool directly in the program or by one keystroke. If you purchase machines from other manufacturers, this might now always be an easy task – even more so if the spindle is tilted.

The motorized feed support means that the feed position can be changed both quickly and accurately. Furthermore, if you don't require the feed support you easily tilt it to the side without the machine forgetting the previous settings.


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