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MARTIN Sliding Table Saws

Cutting to length, straight-lining and formatting plastics

The MARTIN sliding table saw brings cutting-edge performance for the future. Accurate cutting, scoring and formatting as well as exact cutting of angled surfaces are the main features of this sliding table saw.

Whenever it is not a simple 90 degree right angle cut, complex calculations have to be carried out to maintain accurate work results. The MARTIN touchscreen controller takes the work out of making these calculations. MARTIN offers machines that show you how to do the most complex tasks with minimal effort, fast and precisely. To enable the machine to cut precisely, regardless of the chosen saw blade, the controller works with a powerful tool conversion as well as a number of beneficial calculation aids.

All electronically controlled axes work on the basis of the relevant tool dimension. Dimensional deviations that might come up when tasks are repeated are a thing of the past. The repeatable accuracy of the controlled settings ranges from ±0.05 mm or ±0.005°.
The MARTIN flagship saw, the T75 PreX, is the first saw across the globe that combines a cutting height of over 200 mm and a cutting angle of 2 x 46°. This doubling of the angle cutting range to 92°opens up an unlimited number of new possibilities for machining plastics. Cuts that previously could not be performed on a sliding table saw or only with great effort are now possible without any complications on the T75 PreX. The T65 and T70 sliding table saws have a tilting range of 0° - 46°.


Sawing 1


The optional "RadioCompens" angle cutting system reduces set-up times for angled cuts on a MARTIN saw by up to 80%. All you have to do is set the mitre cross-cut table, which is linked to the controller via radio signal, to the desired cutting angle. The radio-controlled electronics take care of the rest. After setting the table angle, both digital displays show the adjusted cutting length for the mitre offset, reducing set up times to a minimum.

A major step towards reducing set up times is the "Control" angle cutting system that is available on the T70. With the electronically controlled cross-cut fence, motorized cross-cut stops and the parallelogram table that is connected to the controller via radio signal, you can calculate and cut angled surfaces, angled edges and also compound mitre cuts with full electronic support.

The T70 and the T75 PreX can also be connected to an office PC/laptop which flexibly supports work preparation by transferring optimized cutting lists and whole plans to the machine by a simple mouse-click. Manufacturing faults are reduced towards 0.

The motor's adjustable rotational speed can be changed from 2000 to 6000 rpm, ensuring that the cutting speed can be adjusted to the plastic being cut. With powerful motors ranging from 7.5 to 11 kW you can make use of the incredible 204 mm cutting height. For accurate bevel cuts, the saw blade is referenced with an precision of 0.01°.

With the spraying device for applying small amounts of coolant/ lubricant, even thick or difficult plastics can be cut with minimal effort. Several possibilities of clamping the workpiece such as the solid sectional pressure bar ensure that the workpiece is securely clamped and cuts are performed safely with the best possible precision.


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