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Planing and profiling plastics: The MARTIN planer

The T45 thickness planer is completely suited to the modern-day processing of plastics. The primary task of the T45 thickness planer is the exact machining of your materials' surfaces.

The main point is not only to plane the workpiece to a pre-set thickness, but also to give a smooth surface finish. The cutting tool that is used always has a major influence on the quality of the surface. The T45's heavy vibration dampening composite machine frame along with the precisely balanced cutterhead, offer truly incredible planing results.
For over 25 years, MARTIN has relied on the TERSA solid steel cutterhead that is manufactured in-house at our German plant. Due to the wide range of varying materials and geometries used for the cutterhead, the operator can respond flexibly and concisely to the numerous machining methods the workpiece needs. The traditional cutterblock as well as a special HELIX cutterblock are additional options to this very flexible cutterblock style that is also available to buy with special cutterhead hook angles. All cutterblocks can be purchased with speeds varying up to 6000 rpm per minute.






If you’d like to machine thin or very thin workpieces securely, concisely and easily, we would recommend our vacuum machine table which has a special planar ground surface. The vacuum table keeps the workpiece in place, which results in a snipe free finished product.

MARTIN can offer two different inverter drives for the feed system with two different feed rate ranges which depend on the material, tool hook angle and feed rate. The electronically controlled planing height adjustment that is provided as standard constantly maintains perfectly machined workpieces. It can also be purchased with 0.05 mm increments.

These figures are realistic and easily achievable as the thicknessing table is supported by four weight absorbing supporting screws. Two large vee guides direct the shear forces into the solid compound machine base. Whilst this is happening, the planer’s vibration and sound-absorbing construction and modern industrial design guarantee a comfortable and quiet operation.

The T45 Contour provides unique worldwide solutions for the safe profiling of surfaces in a single pass. You are free to choose between the Contour15 and the Contour25, which offer a profile depth of 15.5 or 25 mm respectively. If no knives are put into the cutterhead knife pockets, the T45 Contour15 can be used as a straight thickness planer. With the T45 Contour, profiles can be machined up to 630 mm, a process that usually requires special machinery which is substantially more expensive.



Preparing the surfaces of a workpiece by jointing is only one aspect of the T54. In addition to this, beveled edges can also be produced with high accuracy. Perfect end results can only be gained with perfectly jointed materials. The T54 offers the perfect conditions to create unmatchable precision.

The smooth-running fence with built-in auxiliary fence offers quick, yet precise jointing operations. The fence runs smoothly and without tilting on ball bearing guided courses – as accurate many years later as on the initial day of using the machine.

Chamfers can also be manufactured in the blink of an eye, down to the fact that any angle between 90° and 45° can be set quickly with the manual controls.


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