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Leadermac Smartmac 523 4 Sided Moulder


LEADERMAC's wide variety of 4 sided moulders have all the very latest technology for increased productivity. These heavy duty moulders are designed to provide fast cutting speeds and high accuracy. The machines are precision manufactured by our highly skilled technicians - plus Leadermac service, training, and best possible parts support. No matter what your moulding jobs call for, there is a Leadermac that's right for you.

Machine Type Planer Moulders
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Leadermac Smartmac 523


  • It's a Powerful, Precise, Efficient and Economical Machine in One Small Package.
  • 1 piece Cast Iron Machine Frame is specially heat treated for maximum stability and rigidity (std. machine configurations).
  • Infinitely variable Feed Speeds up to 24 mpm (80fpm) are standard.
  • Adjustment of each spindle can be easily performed from the front of the machine
  • Pneumatic pressure of the feed rollers can be easily set to provide an outstanding feeding effect (Infeed, Midfeed & Outfeed Top Rollers with separate settings).
  • All Bed Plates(except Btm Head Receiving Table - Special Hard Tool Steel), Guides, Chip Breaker shoes & Pressure Plates are hard-chrome plated for maximum wear resistance.
  • All lubrication points located at front of machine (central blocks colour coded).
  • 1 Shot Bed Lubrication - std.
  • Increased horsepower available. (optional)
  • Programmable Setworks Control for convenient thickness of cut settings. (optional)
  • The full Safety Enclosure (Heavy Gauge Steel) serves as a chip guard and helps to reduce noise.

Liftable Auxiliary Feed Roller

The mechanism provides added smoothness for short workpiece feeding. The auxiliary feed rollers are power driven for effortless feeding, and are liftable for convenient cutter change or setup.


Side Pressure Wheels for Third Spindle

Provides positive feed effect for short and narrow stock



 Universal Spindle (LMC-423S & LMC-523S)

The universal spindle can be operated horizontally, vertically or at any angle in between. Powered universal spindle horizontal elevation provides quick set-ups.


Standard Infeed Table Length - 2 meters (78").




A Wide Range of Spindle Configurations (other configurations available on request)






LMC-223P to LMC-823P Standard Base Equipment Available Options
Working Width 15-230mm (0.59"-9.1") to 180mm (7") - optional (LMC 418S/518S)
Working Thickness 10-125mm (0.39"-4.9") to 150mm (6") - optional
Number of Spindles, min-max 4 or 5 Spindles 1 to 5 Spindles & Universal - optional
Base/Std. Motor Power per Spindle / - 1st Bottom (5.5KW/7.5HP) others 7.5KW / 10HP to 15HP optional
Spindle Speed 6000 RPM 7200 rpm - optional
Spindle Diameter 40mm (1.6") 1 1/2", 1 13/16" - optional
Tool cutting circle, first bottom spindle, min-max 125-160mm (4.9"-6.3")  
Tool cutting circle, vertical spindles, left, min-max 112-180mm (4.4"-7.1")  
Tool cutting circle, vertical spindles, right, min-max 112-180mm (4.4"-7.1")  
Tool cutting circle, horizontal spindles, top, min-max 112-200mm (4.4"-7.8")  
Tool cutting circle, horizontal spindles, bottom, min-max 112-200mm (4.4"-7.8")  
Feed motor 3KW / 4HP  
Feed Speeds, infinitely variable 6-24m/min (19.5-80fpm)  
Feed Roll - Diameter 140mm (5.5")  
Feed Roll - Width - Top Rolls 50mm (2") each Rolls are stacked on Shafts
Feed Roll - Width - Bottom Roll (s) Full Width  
Pneumatic / Air Pressure for feed rolls, max 6 Bar (85psi)  
Adjustment range for Infeed Table and Edge-Jointing Fence 10mm (0.4")  
Adjustment range of vertical spindles (axial) 20mm (0.8")  
Adjustment range of horizontal spindles (axial) 20mm (0.8")  
Length of the straightening table 2M (78.7") 2.5M (98") & 3M (120") - optional
Diameter of dust hood for vertical spindle Ø125mm (5")  
Diameter of dust hood for horizontal spindle Ø125mm (5")  
Sectional Top Head Chipbreaker Spring Tensioned - Std. Pneumatic- optional
Chainless HD Cardan Shaft Feed System Std.  
Mechanical Digital Readouts for All Head Axis, Top Head Chip Breakers & Pressure Shoe Std.  
Full Sound and Safety Enclosure with Srobless Lighting Std.  
Motorized vertical adjustment of Feed Beam Std.  
Lateral pressure Dual Rolls opposite first right spindle Std. Pneumatic - optional


* All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without notice.






  • Program system provides faster setting
  • Setting and measuring devices
  • Increased horsepower


  • CE specifications
  • Universal spindle, tool cutting circle min 100mm, max 200mm
  • Auto-timber lubrication for feeding table



Delivery and installation is available on all of our machines.

Please contact the showroom to discuss the best option for you, or submit us an enquiry using the form on this page

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