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Compacto Shark 53 + Fox 50 Wood Shredder Briquette Press System

Make Compacto
Model Shark 53 / Fox 50
Automatic shutdown Yes
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From £32,000 (ex VAT)

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A complete solution for wood waste, combining the Shark 53 shredder and the Fox 50 briquette press with a auto feed conveyor system eradicates the need for complex material handling and extra man power to move waste.

Simply load offcuts / pallets in one end and empty briquettes out of the other end.

Intelligently connected - Neither machines will run empty or overfill.

Solids or dust - Large offcuts, long lengths and blocks of wood can be put straight into the shredder. Dust or shavings can skip this process and can be added straight into the briquette press hopper.

Briquettes are perfect for burning or selling. They also take up less room in the skip!

We also supply wood waste heaters so you can get the most out of your waste.

Aggressive Shredding

The heavy shredders of the SHARK series are able to shred materials like wood, miscanthus, cardboard, paper, plastic, cable and many more. It is our mission to offer the best possible quality and longevity of products. For this very reason compacto machines are manufactured in Germany. The single shaft shredders will be adapted to the customer's material, the required throughput performance and the needed granule size. It is possible to choose from various machine widths, rotor diameters, drive engine variants, screen perforations and hopper sizes.

The material to be shredded will be filled into the hopper of the SHARK shredder. At the bottom of the hopper runs a hydraulic slider pushing the material against the rotating rotor. The electricity-consumption of the rotor is monitored with a Siemens PLC control system. The slider is clock-controlled and works in connection with the needed electricity-consumption of the rotor, always with the maximum possible pressure. As a result, the machine always produces the maximum throughput, no matter what material is used.
The material is shredded between the cutting tips and the counter knife. Behind the cutting rotor is a screen installed. Once the crushed material fits through the holes of the screen, it falls into the gutter and chips can be removed by suction, conveyor belt or conveyor screw. The machine can be operated in manual or automatic mode. In automatic mode, the machine switches off automatically when no more material is in the hopper.


• Profile Rotor
• Sturdy, edged machine base
• Second row of knives
• Fast hydraulics
• Special hopper for big material
• High performance gear box
• Pulse controlled hydraulic piston
• V-Belt drive
• Turbo coupling starting with a 22 kW engine
• Siemens PLC-Control system
• CE certified


Motor: 15 kW; 400 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph 
Knifes: 24 Pieces, rotable several times 
Rotordiameter: 260 mm 
Electric Panal: PLC Siemens S7-1200 
Cutting Unit Opening: 510 x 810 mm 
Hoppervolume appr. 0,4 qbm 
Performance: 1 - 5 Hopperfillings / h 
Hydraulic Piston 
Screen at the choice (10 - 40mm) 
Connection piece Ø 160 mm 
Weight appr. 1.100 kg 

- V-Rotor for maximum output 
- 2. row of knifes on the Rotor 
- automatic Star / Delta starting 
- fast Hydraulic 
- auto off when machine is empty 
- Driving speed 70-90 U/min for high performance 
- Cycle Mode to avoid no-load operation 
- performance enhanced with step by step control of the Hydraulicpiston 
- Pertinaxguides for Hydraulicpiston 
- vibration-damping machine feet 
- CE Confirmation 

The Fox briquetting presses are able to compact materials like wood shavings, sawdust, wood chips, dust and other residual materials into stable, cylindrical briquettes. Compared to loose material, the initial volume will be reduced by up to 90%.

Residual materials transformed into compact briquettes can be processed much more efficiently, used for heating efficiency and can be sold.

A further advantage based on briquetting is the reduction in the danger of fires and explosions. Because of the fact that briquettes are considered as low-flammable like solid wood there aren't any additional costs for complex fire protection regulations.

The material moisture content shouldn't exceed a maximum of 18% ATRO. Furthermore the granule size has to be smaller then 20 mm. By changing individual parameters, the briquetting presses can be adapted to customer materials, required throughput performances and individual conditions. It’s possible to choose from various cylinder sizes, drive engine variants and silo shapes. The filling of the briquetting press can take place manually or automatically. During the material flow via a screw, a belt conveyor or a suction unit, the machine recognizes the fill level of the silo and are able to start and stop automatically. There is no operating personnel necessary. The produced briquettes can be transported with a briquette transport pipe to the briquette stock without any further use of energy, just by pressure of the hydraulic. Function: Shavings are fed in the hopper, where it is dosed and supplied by an integrated agitator into the pre-compression unit. In this unit runs a hydraulic piston, which pre-compresses the material and feeds the main cylinder. The hydraulic piston presses the material into the closed sleeve until the adjusted pressure is reached (which is usually set up to 80 bars). Then the sleeve opens and finally a stabile briquette is produced. The more homogeneous the material, the more uniform results the length of the produced briquettes.

Delivery and installation is available on all of our machines.

Please contact the showroom to discuss the best option for you, or submit us an enquiry using the form on this page

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